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They are not our          whole life,

But they make our                       life whole.

- Roger Caras


- Bathing

- Brushing

- Coat Styling

- Nail Trimming

- Nail Grinding 

- Ear Plucking

- Teeth Brushing

- Deep Coat Conditioning

- Flea Treatment


All Bathing and Styling appointments include Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Brush Out, and Bath.

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   Grooming Experience 

Chauvet Grooming is a unique one on one experience for your pet. Comfort is key when it comes to grooming and that is why I dedicate myself to making your loved one's visit as stress free as possible. A calm quiet salon ensures that pets can feel safe to be themselves. 

No Kennels 
             No Rush
                             No Stress

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